You were kidnapped.

After being subdued by mercenaries, disarmed, unclothed and shackled, you were led to a large caged carriage and locked inside. The journey this carriage took lasted several weeks, but you were not alone. Nearly a dozen other prisoners made the trip as well, all stripped bare and bound at the wrists and ankles.

Lack of food and very little water made it hard to focus. Minor hallucinations clouded your thoughts, and you’d often nod off into a blissful sleep. When you finally arrived in the small town of Berlow, you were famished.

Ah, Berlow…” One of the prisoners murmured, “Baron keeps it’n squalor, while ‘e throws lavish parties’n gets fatter by th’ day.

Looming over the town was a large manor, gated and guarded by a handful of heavily-armed men. The carriage ascended the small hill to reach it, then took a detour around the back. The gate was flung open and all the prisoners, including you, were led out.

Near the back of the manor was a large hatch. One by one you were escorted down the hatch and into a dark, damp prison. There you were given some scraps of food and water, then locked in. Any attempt at magic was thrawted — perhaps by some unseen barrier — and the locks on the cages seemed virtually unbreakable.

The first night was uneventful. From then on, however, a prisoner would be selected each day and taken upstairs. It didn’t take long to realize that they would never be seen again.

By the end of the first week, over half the prisoners had been taken away. Only you and three others remained, each in a seperate cell.

Then the guards stopped coming altogether.

Two days after the last prisoner was taken, you began to hear groaning, scratching, and screams resonating from the building above you.

Then, without warning, someone rushed down the nearby staircase. The man was old, wiry, and large patches of blood stained his robes. He fumbled through the pouches on his belt and eventually recovered a set of keys, which he used to unlock all the cells.

Before you were able to question him, he collapsed face first into the ground.


Now here you stand, naked and unarmed, with many unanswered questions.

Your journey begins here.

Testing the Waters 3.5

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