Testing the Waters 3.5

Chapter 1: Escape from Enslavement

- About a week after being captured, the prisoners’ numbers dwindled from a dozen to four. Many were taken out of their cells, never to return, with the exception of Sarah.
- The guards and jailer eventually stopped showing up; two days later, an elderly man stumbled into the prison and managed to unlock the cell doors — then fell down, dead.
- With still no explanation as to why they were captured, and still no reason as to why they were suddenly released, the group retrieved their belongings from a nearby chest. Besides Valgrim’s clothes, which were not present, all of the equipment was in good shape.
- The group, including the naked dwarf, decided to band together to find a way out.
- In the storage room they came across the jailer, who had become undead; in the main hall they thrawted a large group of zombies, thanks to Sarah’s turning ability; in the dining hall they fought a ghast;

Chapter 0: The Prequel

The following event took place several days before the start of the campaign:

- Sarah Milner, a cleric of Heironeous and one of the dozen prisoners taken to the Baron’s Manor, was abruptly removed from her cell and forced to fight unarmed against a half-orc in a makeshift arena.
- After defeating the half-orc she was set upon by the guards, due to refusing the Baron’s proposal of her becoming his new “champion.”
- She managed to fend off most of the guards, even knocking one unconscious despite being unarmed.
- She revived the half-orc, who in turn assisted her.
- When given the chance to flee and attempt escape, she instead turned back to assist the now-dying half-orc and was eventually knocked unconscious by a guard’s left hook.
- She was dragged back to her cell, and the Baron was furious. The crowd, on the other hand, was very pleased and entertained. Thus, she was allowed to live and avoided being reprimanded.


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