Testing the Waters 3.5

Chapter 1: Escape from Enslavement

- About a week after being captured, the prisoners’ numbers dwindled from a dozen to four. Many were taken out of their cells, never to return, with the exception of Sarah.
- The guards and jailer eventually stopped showing up; two days later, an elderly man stumbled into the prison and managed to unlock the cell doors — then fell down, dead.
- With still no explanation as to why they were captured, and still no reason as to why they were suddenly released, the group retrieved their belongings from a nearby chest. Besides Valgrim’s clothes, which were not present, all of the equipment was in good shape.
- The group, including the naked dwarf, decided to band together to find a way out.
- In the storage room they came across the jailer, who had become undead; in the main hall they thrawted a large group of zombies, thanks to Sarah’s turning ability; in the dining hall they fought a ghast;



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